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What To Bring To The Market

June 19th, 2012 | Posted by Leah in Junking Journey | Uncategorized | Vintage Market

Are you ready for an amazing day of shopping at the market this Saturday? Do you have something specific you are looking for or just out to find that special “something”? Here are our thoughts on what you might want to bring with you!!

1. Family and friends you love to shop with!! The more the merrier and it makes the car ride more fun!!

2. Wear layers!! If you are an “early bird” it might be chilly waiting in the line up :)

3. Re Usable shopping bag or cart. These help you keep your hands free for more shopping!!

4. Measuring Tape to make sure your item is a perfect fit :)

5. A vehicle large enough for that “surprise” find. You do not want to have to make your friends walk home….but you will!!!

6. CASH!! Most of our vendors transactions are as vintage as the market!!

Whether you are “old hat” to markets or a “newbie” it is sure to be a fun filled shopping adventure. And to top it off,  for the non shoppers and for those who start to feel a little “peckish”, there is the “Roosters Corner” !! The Runway Cafe will be open, offering food and drinks to get you through the day!!

We are so excited and can not wait to see all of you!!!

Happy Junking

Leah & Barb



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6 Responses

  • Joy P says:

    Great OldeFarmhouse Vintage Market ! First group of pictures on my blog, second group will be up tomorrow. Thanks for a great venue in a terrific location. Such wonderfully diverse vendors, so well organized. Thank you for creating a local opportunity.

  • Joy P says:

    What a great # 1 Vintage Market. Hope you will host many more. Posted the first group of pictures on my blog of The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Great crowds and crowds of visitors. Perfect Weather. Great venue. Thank you all for such a great, great local Vintage Market.

    • Deon says:

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  • Niamh says:

    Leah and Barb,

    Are there any ATM’s available at The Market?

  • Kimberly says:

    SO excited! My husband just finished an arbor/archway for my booth with ladder sides for my quilties… did I mention I’m SO excited?

  • Claudine says:

    Dear Leah and Barb!!!
    I am all excited and looking forward to it!
    A bit worried of course, about fitting everything in the car, etc.
    Do we need LIGHTING for our booths?
    I still have some pieces to prepare for the market, Aaaaahhhhh!!!

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